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About City of Duvall

History Makes us what we are.


The City of Duvall (pronounced DOO-vahl) sits alongside the historic Snoqualmie Valley River nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains approximately 25 NE of Seattle.  Over 7,000 people live in Duvall, currently recognized as on one of the fastest growing communities in the state.  The area that has become known as Duvall was historically the home of the Snoqualmie Native American tribe. The center of the present-day town was located on a hillside homesteaded by brothers Francis and James Duvall, loggers who arrived in 1871.  At that time, logging and farming were the driving economic forces in Duvall which utilized the Snoqualmie River for transportation.


The Cherry Valley School, the first school in Duvall, was built in 1879 and was constructed from wood of a single tree. Until 1890, the river was the main lifeline to the Puget Sound. Trees were transported down the river and goods were floated up. After much of the land had been cleared, logging companies moved in bringing with them rails and roads. The abundance of jobs in the logging camps helped Cherry Valley grown in the early years.  By this time, cattle and dairy farms dotted the fertile valley. Many farm families built on higher ground to accommodate the flooding, which occurred almost every year. In 1892, the Valley House was built as the first hotel for travelers.  Soon after, the Methodist Church and a new school were constructed. In 1905, a swing bridge was built across the river, which later opened up stagecoach travel to and from the ferries on Lake Washington.  In 1909, the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul railroad began building a line along the river; but the town of “Cherry Valley” as it was first know (just north of the present day town, down the hill form where the Dougherty House sits) was in the way. After much negotiation, the railroad agreed to move the town to its present day location.  Only Hick’s Market still stands today.  On January 6, 1913 Duvall was incorporated as a city by its rugged pioneer citizens. Many believe that the town was founded in order to open a saloon for which city status was required by the State of Washington at the time.


In 1934, a year after prohibition, The Duvall Tavern was born.  According to the Duvall Historical Society, The Duvall Tavern is the oldest operating business in town.  The south parking lot used to be the ramp to the old Stewart Street Bridge across the Snoqualmie River to Woodinville.  In 1963, The Duvall Tavern was bought and sold three times in two days.  It was won in a poker game by a well-known gambler in the valley who then sold it to another gambler to pay off his gambling debt…that person then sold it to another person who wanted to be in the business.  The Duvall Tavern is now proudly owned and operated by The Crimson Group Inc.  Whether you are a Hippie, Hobo, Hillbilly, Democrat or Republican we hope you enjoy your Duvall Tavern experience and come back soon.